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Intergreen Foliage Company Inc. provides interior foliage services for all commercial and residential properties throughout South Florida.

We are committed to excellence, personal service, quality products and attention to detail!

Intergreen Foliage Company Intergreen Foliage Company

We provide an array of Foliage Services

We offer foliage lease or purchase with maintenance which includes a replacement guarantee!

Floral Services include:

  • Flowering plant rotations(we replace the flowering specimen as flowers fade)
  • Seasonal or holiday flower sales
  • Live cut flower service and other floral services

The following features can be added to any service plan:

  • Exterior Maintenance Service
  • Flowering Plant Rotations
  • Seasonal Flower and Plant Sales
  • Live Cut Flower Service
  • Floral Service

We also provide temporary leases for the following:

  • Weddings
  • Bar Mitzvahs
  • Car shows
  • Boat shows
  • Seasonal cut flowers
  • Custom decorations
All Occasions

Now Serving South Florida for Over 30 Years

At Intergreen Foliage Company, we strive to fill our spaces with innovative interiorscape design, foliage and materials. We have at our disposal a full array of foliage varieties and decorative containers available in a rainbow of colors and materials.

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