We do Commercial Solutions. We do Residential Solutions.

What We do Best

  • We are an innovative interior foliage company providing service throughout South florida.
  • Our attention to detail, expertise and commitment to service has helped us to become a leader in foliage service.
  • We began servicing residential and commercial properties in dade, broward and the palm beaches in 1986.
  • We are committed to; providing excellent interior foliage leasing, sales and maintenance service in a professional manner.
  • We provide lush tropical foliage and offer decorative containers in a rainbow of colors and matrial
General Services
Residential Services


  • Our residential interiorscapes are tailored to provide a sense of life and warmth to your home.
  • We provide lush foliage of the tropics to any home
  • A variety of decorative containers to match your design aesthetic and a clean environment.


  • In our commercial spaces, we provide professional service using contemporary decorative containers
  • Vibrant foliage creates a work environment that is exciting and productive
  • Interiorscape design fills wasted space and provides a pleasurable environment to live, work and engage in business.

Commercial Services

The Details

The following features can be added to any service plan

  • Exterior maintenance service for foliage in containers for exterior plants and trees on patios, pool areas, roof tops, balconies, exterior reception areas, loggias, lanais, summer kitchens and more.
  • Flowering plant rotations we place feature specimen flowering plants such as orchids or bromeliads in prominent areas and replace those items as flowers fade.
  • Seasonal flower and plant sales we install, maintain and remove seasonal flowers and or plants such as poinsettias, lilies, christmas trees, pine trees, christmas cactus, and more for specified holidays or seasons.
  • Live cut flower service we provide weekly or on demand delivery of live cut flowers of your preference.
  • Floral service we provide live floral arrangements for all occasions as well as regular or on demand on site floral arranging by a floral designer. In addition we provide floral, plant and gift basket deliveries on specified days within our service area.

Additional Services

  • Temporary leases for all events we provide quality foliage plants and trees in decorative containers for all occasions
  • Foliage and decorative container sales | silk plant and floral sales
  • Event planning | holiday decorating | commercial and residential services